We are standing for...

Standing up to effectively and compassionately confront the causes and consequences of substance misuse by advocating for prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery.




Stand Up Laconia monthly meeting is held on the 4th Thursday of each month
at 5:30 p.m. - location may change month to month



Stand Up Laconia is a growing coalition of youth and adults who live, go to school, and/or work in Laconia.  We have come together to create positive change, and we need YOUR help!

In order for positive change to happen, we need to work together as a community.  Who else needs to be involved? Parents - Youth - Healthcare Providers - Business - Education - Law Enforcement - Faith Community - Local Government

  • SUL Fundraiser - $5 Winnipesaukee Muskrat tickets for June 22nd, 6:05 p.m. - This is a great way to support Stand Up Laconia and partake in a great American past time...baseball!! Enjoy a summer evening with your family and friends at the Winnipesaukee Muskrats!! You can't beat the price at $5!! Please contact Clare Persson at 387-4270 if interested in purchasing.
  • "If Only". 
    Wednesday, May 17th Laconia High School Auditorium

    The Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation and Millennium Health present If Only, a short film that raises awareness about the dangers of teen prescription drug misuse and abuse.
  • Nurturing Skills for Families
  • Cooperative Co-Parenting
    A free four-part series for non-married, separated, or divorced parents, and other caregivers, raising children together who share separate households.

Research shows that parents have MORE influence over their child than friends, music, TV, the Internet and celebrities ...

Think it's OK to use drugs?  Or that it's cool to get drunk on the weekends?  Maybe that's what some kids say, but it's not true ...

Approximately 70% of those who abuse prescription meds get them from family or friends, often by taking them right out of the medicine cabinet ...

Links to additional resources for professionals and anyone interested in other support resources...